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Affordable Housing Seminar - Jersey

Category: Events 04 July 2011


The States of Jersey are in the process of preparing a replacement Island Plan, and the proposals include introducing a UK style Affordable Housing Policy (draft Policy H3) for the first time - the Island has previously applied a land zoning approach identifying parcels of land for affordable (category A) housing delivery.

David has been involved in the Examination in Public as the proposed Plan has been progressed, and on the 16th of June 2011 spoke at a seminar held on the Island entitled: Affordable Housing: How to make it work for Developers and is it workable?

A growing number of stakeholders concerns have been raised regarding the viability and practicability of introducing the UK style approach to Affordable Housing provision via developer contributions in Jersey.

These concerns also reflect that the proposal is being introduced without ensuring that the appropriate UK safeguards are in place - such as carrying out a strategic level viability assessment to inform target levels of Affordable Housing to be included in the draft Plan policy, and carrying out an assessment of the likely impact of the proposals upon housing delivery levels.

As a direct result of the concerns raised throughout the Examination process and discussed during the Affordable Housing Seminar, draft Policy H3 is being suspended and will not be introduced within the revised Plan until it has been resolved with relevant stakeholders how it might most appropriately be implemented.

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