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Affordable Rent: Confusion Prevails

Category: News 13 February 2012

In a letter sent to CLG and HCA representatives on the 24th of January 2012, Zoe Stiles, Development Research Manager at Pioneer, seeks clarification on the role of Affordable Rent with reference to:

i) recurring resistance being exhibited by Local Authorities to the inclusion of the tenure in Affordable Housing proposals, and,

ii) the imposition by Local Authorities (as opposed to Registered Providers) of what appear to be evidentially unjustified rent caps on Affordable Rents, set at less than 80% of local market rents.  

The letter was sent to: the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP (Minister for Housing and Local Government); Mr Steve Quartermain (Chief Planner at the Department for Communities and Local Government ("CLG")); Mr Peter Schofield (Director General - Neighbourhoods, CLG); Mr Graham Duncan (Deputy Director, Affordable Housing Regulation and Investment, CLG), and Mr David Warburton (Head of Area, Bristol, Homes and Communities Agency). 


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