Institutional Investment

Pioneer is the leading independent housing consultancy in England providing informed advice and a wealth of contacts generated over the last 20 years.

Our database of Pension Funds and Commercial Landlords active in the residential market combined with our in-depth knowledge of sub-market tenures can introduce additional funding to development proposals and help the house building industry to build more homes and improve the 'absorption rate' without relying on public subsidy.

In this way Pioneer is able to assist with providing a way to: enhance the value of affordable housing to the Landowner / House builder; accelerate the ROCE; mitigate sites which have marginal viability; and, in particular, to progress regeneration schemes which have the overt objective of achieving a sustainable community with a flexible mix of tenures.

Recent changes to the definition of affordable housing in the NPPF Affordable Housing definition will boost institutional investment in the private rented sector and Build To Rent schemes and Pioneer are uniquely positioned to achieve an appropriate market mix alongside attractive investment proposals.


If this concept is of interest and you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact David Parker or Rob Huntley.


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